Monet in the Bank

You can earn points for purchases, refer friends, and more! To view your points log into your account and on the bottom-left, there will be a box called "Monet in the Bank". There you can see:

- Your points
- How to earn points
- Your referral code
- Get rewards
- Monet in the Bank FAQs (Help)

How to add your birthday 🎉

Step 1: Log in to your account
Step 2: Click the Monet in the Bank tab on the bottom left of your screen or click here.
Step 3. Click "Earn Points" and add the date. Please note: On mobile, you will need to click the 3 vertical lines on the top right then "Earn Points".    
Step 4: Wait patiently for your birthday!

Points and vouchers are applicable to all orders except for recurring subscription boxes. Learn more about Monet in the Bank on this page.

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