How to skip a box


  1. On your Account page, click "Manage Subscription" to view your subscription management page.
  2. Once there select "Upcoming Orders" on the top bar. On mobile, hit "Subscriptions" and then "Upcoming Orders". 
  3. Click "Skip Shipment" next to the correct charge date for your subscription box, then click "Skip" to confirm.
  4. It will say SKIPPED next to the box name if the box was successfully skipped. See the picture above for how a correctly skipped box shows. This can take a few seconds so please confirm it went through before leaving the page.
  5. If you changed your mind and would like the box please click "Unskip".
  6. The last day to skip a box is the day before the charge

In the example above, the Watercolor has been skipped but the Kids Art Box has not been.

If you are not able to see your subscription when you click "Manage Subscriptions" please DO NOT resubscribe or reactivate your box. Please contact us at and we'll look into your account.

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