Tips for left-handed artists

Are you left-handed and concerned that lettering isn't for you? Think again! Nicole has some awesome tips and tricks to help ease your mind of the common fears lefties have about hand lettering. You can absolutely still create something beautiful—it's just a matter of finding your own habits that make lettering easiest for you!

First and foremost, we know that writing with your left hand can be intimidating if you are not wanting to smudge the letters you have already written. Don't fret, though! The brush pens we use dry fast and won't smudge as you finish out your words.

If you are an UNDER writer, one tip a fellow lefty has given us is to tilt your paper almost entirely perpendicular. Changing the angle of the paper allows your hand to adapt to a different way of writing. 

If you are an OVER writer, try turning your paper to more of a "diamond" angle. Hold your pen farther up (away from the nib) and try not curving your hand so much. Instead, keep your wrist straight with your arm and let the letters flow!

To see visuals on how to change the angle of your paper and position on your brush or pen, view Nicole's "Beginner Lettering Series: Part 6 - Tips & Tricks" video here! 

Need some encouragement? Join your fellow lefties in our Lettering Group! There's even a topic just for lefties.