What are the different watercolor box options?

We're so excited you're interested in painting with us! There are 4 different watercolor box options:

1. Monthly Watercolor Subscription (our most popular option!)

The monthly box is a reoccurring subscription that will send you a box each month. You'll get charged each month on the 18th but you can skip any months you don't want to receive. This can be canceled at any time in your account or by contacting us. 

2. 3-Month Gift Subscription

This is a one-time payment of $105 that will send you 1 box a month for 3 months straight. This does NOT auto-renew once all three boxes are sent and you won't receive any further charges after the initial payment. This is a great option if you'd like to send boxes as a gift to someone! 

3. 1-Year Subscription

You'll receive one box a month for 1 whole year - so 12 total boxes! After the initial payment, you will not be charged again until the next year after all 12 boxes have been sent.

4. Single Box

This is a one-time purchase for 1 box and does not auto-renew.

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