Where can I find the tutorial videos?

Excited to start making art? We're excited that you're excited! 

Our tutorials are released on a weekly basis. Click here to view the schedule of our upcoming tutorial releases. You can view all of our videos on our website and our YouTube channel. Like and Subscribe to get notified for our new tutorials and our LIVEs. 

If you are a Kids Art Box purchaser, keep a lookout for an email on the 1st of each month.

On our website

Click on "Shop" at the top of our website then "Kits". From there select the kit you want to make, or you can search for the kit by clicking on the little magnifying glass on the top corner of the website. Once you are on that kit's page, you'll want to scroll down until you come across the colorful circles. You can click either "watch tutorial" or "paint along" and the YouTube video will pop up on this screen! 

Alternatively, under Learn with Us, you can also view projects by medium, month, and year.

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