How do I use the graphite paper?

Steps for transferring the graphite paper to watercolor paper:

  1. Lay the paper down first. For watercolor paper, the side facing up should be the rougher, more textured side.
  2. Place the graphite paper on top of it, dark side down.
  3. Place outline on top of that with the outline facing up.
  4. Then use painter's tape to keep everything in place. 
  5. Use a pen, pencil, or soft-tipped marker to trace the outline. A colored one works great so you can see which lines you've gone over already! You'll want to be as light in pressure as possible so that the line isn't dark and obvious once the painting is done. You can do a test line and then peek to see how dark it is and then adjust the pressure from there. We also recommend a Kneaded Eraser to get rid of any stray lines!
See it in action below!