How to switch your subscription from monthly to pre-paid

Hey you! Yes, you! Interested in switching from the Monthly subscription to the Prepaid 6 or 12 Month subscriptions? Look no further! Please follow the steps below to cancel your current subscription and start the Prepaid subscription. 

  1. Login to your account by clicking on the person icon and once logged in, click that icon again and select "Manage my subscriptions".
  2. Once there, select the subscription you'd like to replace by clicking "Manage Subscription".
  3. Scroll down and hit "Cancel Subscription" below the billing information. Please select a reason as to why you're canceling your subscription.
  4. Click "Proceed" then "Cancel My Subscription". Then your subscription will be listed as "Inactive" on your Subscription Management page. 
  5. Purchase a new Prepaid 6 or 12 Month Subscription through our website. You can find all the options on this page
  6.  And that's it! Easy as pie. 

If you have any questions or run into any trouble please email us at

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